About Us

Hazel Green Gymnastics Club is currently a 100'x60' building. We have a full size spring floor, 2 sets of cable uneven bars, 4 balance beams at various heights, a vault table, and a 30' tumble track. Although we encourage family and friends to observe, spectator viewing space is limited. For this, we ask that family and friends do not stay and watch during every practice. This is not to say you're not welcome, please try to keep the crowd small and take turns with other spectators.

Children not participating must remain with you and not allowed to roam into class area or be on equipment. We also ask that volumes be kept low. Please don't make us embarrass you by asking you to control yourself or your party. Food is not allowed in the building. Crumbs and garbage can attract mice which can damage our equipment. Please eat snacks or food before coming to the gym.