Hazel Green Gymnastics Club offers 4 sessions per year: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. We also have a Club Team, which travels to various competitions. The Southwestern, Cuba City, Darlington, & Benton High School gymnastics Team trains here during their season and assist in coaching participants. All participants must pay a membership fee. This fee helps defray the cost of insurance and utility bills. Annual membership runs from the beginning of the Fall session through the end of the Summer session. Annual membership price is only offered to enrollment during August. Registration for classes is held prior to each quarter.


Fees are based on the number of weeks in each session. You MUST register at the beginning of each session and pay the tuition for that session when you enroll. Fees must be included with registration forms and will NOT be accepted without payment. Payment arrangements may be made if you are unable to pay the full fee at the beginning of the session. No registrations will be accepted over the phone. Registration will not be accepted if after the session due date.

VOLUNTEER TIME aka Service Hours

Each family is expected to contribute one hour of volunteer time per session. This is in addition to membership fees and tuition. This volunteer time is per family not per child. There will be sign up sheets posted on the bulletin board with work opportunities within the gym. Outside opportunities will be shared out each session. These would include the Golf Outing, Steak Feed, Pizza Sales, Cookie Dough Sales, or other fundraising events. It is possible to bank your volunteer hours for future sessions. If you are unable to provide the hour of volunteer time, you must pay an additional $50.00 per session fee to opt out of the volunteer work. If you do not work the hour and do not pay in advance, you will be charged $50.00 on your next session. Those families with 20 or more hours of volunteer time can exchange 5 hours for a 10% discount when enrolling.


Gymnasts need to be dressed appropriately for class. Girls need to wear leotards. Boys need to wear t-shirts and shorts that are loose enough to move in, but not so baggy that they get tangled in their arms, legs, or on the equipment. No buckles, zippers, snaps, etc. will be allowed. These items may damage the equipment. Hair must be tied back out of the face. We offer both used and new leotards for sale at the gym.


Hazel Green Gymnastics Club is not obligated to provide you with a make up class if class is held and you do not come to your scheduled class. If we cancel due to inclement weather or some other reason, we will provide a make up day for you or credit your account. We will allow you to make up a class missed IF there is room in another class. If you know in advance that you will be absent, please let us know. If we know in advance that someone will be missing, we can use that spot for someone else to make up a class.


We will cancel classes due to inclement weather on any day that Southwestern Schools cancel classes. Also, if Southwestern Schools release early due to the winter weather, our classes will be cancelled. If we need to cancel classes for any other reason, you will be notified via e-mail. It will also be posted on our Facebook page. If we do not have your e-mail, please provide us with an alternate and reliable method of contacting you. If you do not provide us with this information, it is not our responsibility to track you down to get the information to you. Please help us to help you.